29 August 2023 HWS' Return on Investment among Nation's Best

A new study by Georgetown University notes that in higher ed, liberal arts colleges have the best return on investment — and HWS offers among the nation’s best. 

According to a recent study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education in the Workforce, an education at a private, liberal arts institution provides the best return on investment of all types of educational options when measured over the arc of time.

Of all colleges and universities in the nation, Hobart and William Smith’s 40-year net present value (NPV) is $1.046 million, putting HWS in the 93rd percentile.

HWS’ Director of Institutional Research Alden Gassert explains that the Georgetown researchers estimate that “if an individual attends HWS, their financial position 40 years from now will be better than if they had attended 93 percent of all other higher-ed institutions in the U.S.”

Gassert notes that the NPV reflects “the cost of a four-year HWS education along with the income from employment an HWS student is anticipated to earn over the next four decades,” converted into today’s dollars.

“To put it most simply: investing in an HWS education today is, on average, the same as having $1.046 million put into your savings account right now, and then allowing it to accrue 40 years of interest,” he says.

Learn more about the Georgetown study.

This month, Hobart and William Smith appeared on the Princeton Review’s top-25 “Best Career Services” list, as well as the list of “Colleges That Create Futures,” which includes 50 schools that “empower students to discover practical applications for their talents and interests through experiences that complement their classes and coursework.”

Earlier in 2023, the Princeton Review selected Hobart and William Smith as a Best Value College for the eighth consecutive year. The recognition is based on more than 40 data points covering academics, affordability, graduation rates, and career and salary data for graduates from both student surveys and payscale.com.