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Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Get familiar with your future home: the HWS campus

If you’ll indulge us the metaphor, life is a journey, and college is the part where things get interesting.

You’re leaving the familiar path. Turns and forks lie just ahead. Which are you going to travel down first? And how many will you take along the way?

We live for this story. We want to be a part of it.

Dive in.



    28 recorded information sessions spanning topics from admissions and aid to academic advising, life in a residence hall, landing an internship and more.

    Virtual Viewing Party

    One-minute faculty profiles, dorm tours, scenic flyovers and how-to vids will give you insight on our community.

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    15+ photos posted weekly, so you get a sense of what is happening on campus at this very point in time. We call it TWIP.

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    @HWSColleges on all platforms – even TikTok! #HWSColleges will show you what’s up at HWS.

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